Nordic Venture Family
Nordic Venture Family
We build intelligent and decentralized systems.

We Build Intelligent and Decentralized Systems

Supervised by humans, decentralized by nature.


Future is already here, it's just not equally distributed.

We create high impact by democratizing the access to modern technologies.

We are a team of seasoned hackers, scientists and entrepreneurs with complementary skills and extraordinary experience. We’ve been researching and developing intelligent and decentralized solutions for almost a decade.


It’s time to rebuild the world.

Seasoned hackers, scientists & entrepreneurs at your service.


Deep Tech for the Rest of Us


Software is eating the world. After everything has been digitalized, the next wave will make these solutions smarter. The greatest software companies have an unfair advantage to disrupt market after market with ever growing computing power, armies of AI researchers and a direct access to endless amounts to data.

Luckily there is still some hope for the rest of us. We are committed to fight back by building the bridge between emerging deep tech and people by making the major three transformative technologies – AI, decentralized systems and quantum computing more accessible.

We believe that building AI-driven solutions and using quantum computing to solve complex problems should be as easy as building websites. On the other hand, decentralised technologies finally make it possible to build trustless systems and break down tech giants' exclusive access to data. For now, rant over. Let's get back to work.